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Daniel Llanes - Earth Culture Dancer, Teacher, and Performer
Program Offerings

Mano Poderosa

Spiritual Folk Healing

Offered by appointment

Bringing into balance that which is out of balance
Love is the Universal Life force with its own knowing
The healer petitions for you, the Light of Love is the healer

Spiritual healing calling upon the Universal light Energy
Curacion – Traditional Aztec plant medicine & healing techniques
Laying of hands Mahakari Reiki
Cell memory release work
Injury Recovery

Mr. Llanes is a 3rd degree Reike Master. Additionally, for more than 15 years, Daniel has studied traditional Aztec folk healing techniques and plant medicine with Modesta Lavana, who comes from an unbroken line of curadoras from Huayapan, Morelos, Mexico. Since 1995 he has been working and traveling with Valentina Iriutchenko, world-renowned Russian spiritual healer. He tours around the world with StarBridge, the Caravan of Light, utilizing multi-dimensional healing arts. This well-rounded view of healing allows him to work with individuals or groups in whatever method is appropriate for the person or situation.
He also conducts healing circles in which he teaches us to awaken to our own ability to heal. Well known for his ability to channel healing energy, and a veteran performer of 30 years, he heals through dance, music and ritual. His performances, which combine dance and music are in themselves healing experiences.

Daniel brings ancient and modern rituals together to create a healing vortex through a participatory event of movement, sound, music and poetry, known as the Circle Gathering Uniting Earth, Sky and You.

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